Thursday, May 17, 2012

School's Out for Summer

It sure has been a busy week around here! The kids are wrapping up school activities and dreaming about the lazy days of summer. We have graduation tomorrow night...and a surprise that goes with that! The aviator just returned from a trip to Memphis where he had some wonderful BBQ; and then he went on the Amsterdam! I am so lucky he's thoughtful - he brought back some beautiful spring tulips and a little gold box full of chocolates. It is like a box of chocolates with no "key" telling what each one is; so it's a little adventure everytime I try one! There is also a box of cocoa dusted truffles....~sigh. Soooo delicious!
While the aviator was off flying the friendly skies; I did some baking! Here is a picture of graduation cookies I made for my daughter who is going to BYU this fall. Didn't they turn out so cute? ~Grins~.

I learned this puffy lettering technique from Callye at It took some practice but I am happy with the result. It looks 3-D. I love, love, love Callye's site and have really learned so much from her blog and tutorials.

A dear friend of mine wanted some "summertime" cookies to give as teacher's gifts so I created these sweet bags for her girls. The flip flops, surf boards, and little mini sunshines were a hit! Baking these made me ready to get my toes in the sand too.

We are having company over the next few days to celebrate my daughter's graduation. It sure will be nice to have friends and family visit! I'm going to try a recipe I found at for these delicious looking peanut butter and chocolate cookies for when we have guests.

Next week we are planning on exploring in Milan, Italy! We are getting so excited to go. I really want to look for a pizelle iron while we are there. My neighbor in Chicago made the most delicious pizzelle's and would dip them in dark chocolate. Yum. They are so pretty with intricate designs and decadent too! 
Hopefully I will find one and bring it home so I can make some too!

I'll be back with an update on our adventure to Italy. I'm also going to add a calendar so you'll know where you can find me and get some homemade all natural baked goods!


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