Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bahamian Rice and Best Beauty Buy of Summer

This is going to be brief; but I just have to say my favorite beauty product I discovered this summer is absolutely Bobbi Brown's long wear pencil eyeliner.  This stuff is the bomb!  When we were in San Francisco; I headed over to Macy's and found Chantel.  She was so kind and helpful and even gave me some tips for dinner spots (Love.)  Anyway, I tried this eyeliner - It goes on like a pencil; then you can smudge it a bit; and it sets like a gel.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I live in such a hot, humid area and this stuff doesn't budge.  I have to admit it is a bit pricey; but compared to the longwear drugstore brand it is WaY better!  I don't need to reapply all day long.  A couple of times I was lazy and went to bed without taking it off and guess what?  It was still on in the morning!  Almost like a tatoo but it comes right off with gentle eye makeup remover.  What's your summer beauty find?
We also were blessed with a great summer vacation to the Abacos; Treasure Cay, Bahamas.  The eyeliner even held up at the beach and high (we're talking steamy) humidity!  My favorite food item we discovered was Bahamian Rice and Beans.  De-lish.  There was lots of "conch"; (found in abundance around the Bahamian shores) and fresh Grouper.  Yum.  Here is a simple recipe for Bahamian Rice.  It's not spicy; just super flavorful!

4 Cups cooked brown rice
4 T Tomato Paste
4 Slices Chopped Bacon
Good Olive Oil
2 t chopped fresh garlic
Chopped onion, if desired
 1 C Pinto Beans or Pigeon Peas
4 Sprigs fresh Thyme
1 Red Pepper, Diced
1/2 C Water
Salt and Pepper

In a large saute pan, cook bacon, garlic, onion, and red pepper.  Add 2 T of the tomato paste and stir until combined.  Add the thyme.  When bacon is crisp, stir in 1 more T of the tomato paste and 1/4 C of water.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and incorporate rice.  Add 2 T Olive oil and the peas.  Stir in remaining tomato paste and water if needed.  Combine well and let the flavors mingle for 5-10 minutes.