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Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Heidi; I love to bake, travel, spend time with my family, go to the lake, beach, and read; among other things!  I'm a sales consultant with The Pampered Chef.  The Pampered Chef is such a great company; the products are wonderful; durable; and help you save time and money.  The company supports Feeding America; America's largest network of local food pantries.  Consultants; employees; and customers of Pampered Chef have helped donate over 20 million dollars to Feeding America!  The business opportunity can't be beat.  I set my own hours; help you earn free products; learn cooking tips; and put meals on the table in no time.  If that sounds like a career that would work for you; I'd love to have you on my team!  I'm always available for training and support along with The Pampered Chef Corporate. You truly are in business for yourself; but not by yourself.
I can't leave out the fact that I love football so if it's Friday night, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday in the fall.....you can bet the tv is on while I'm baking!  I am the wife of aviator man; who you'll hear about from time to time as we take adventures around the world.  We are newlyweds; by the way....but that is a whole different story!  Together we have 8 children; two grown; 4 in college; and two at home.

I am sometimes asked how my interest in baking has developed....and I got to thinking that my Grandmother, Father, and Aunt and Uncle have owned or currently own a restaurant.  As a young girl I would always be stopping by on bike rides to the pool to grab lunch and see what they were up to.  It seemed as though everyone was always cooking up something good!  Now my other Grandmother was more of a baker and I spent a lot of summers at my Grandparent's house.  She was always baking cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and cakes so naturally I picked up some tips while I was perched on the kitchen counter awaiting one of the beaters from her trusty Kitchen Aid mixer.  Most everything else I have learned has been from a lot of trial and error; baking for my 3 awesome daughters; reading alot; and going to "cookie university"!

I have had the opportunity to live quite a few places over the years and I have acquired recipes all along the way.  I love baking delicious treats and sharing them with friends, family, and my customers.  I also enjoy traveling to all sorts of places with my aviator man and discovering new foods; meeting new people; and bringing home treats to bake with!  I hope you enjoy my blog and find it interesting and maybe pick up a few things while your here.

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